Dr. Erickson has over 20 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy, and earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Erickson’s Approach

  • Compassionate understanding
  • Supportive guidance
  • Straight talk
  • Building on personal strengths

Dr. Erickson has extensive experience helping individuals and couples cope with:

  • Depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Loss and grief
  • Relationship concerns
  • Divorce
  • Confusion and lack of focus
  • Parenting
  • Marriage and family issues
  • Eating disorders

Miriam sees personal setbacks and emotional struggles as opportunities for renewal and healing. During difficult times, it’s common to get stuck and feel pessimistic about things getting better. Miriam sees the possibilities which exist in your life and works with you to unblock your potential and get back on track. She helps people reconnect to meaningful activity and improve their quality of life.

Miriam helps people get what they want from close relationships. Many people long for love and intimacy, yet feel frustrated when relationship concerns overshadow closeness. Miriam works with couples and individuals to develop a map: a view of what’s wrong in the relationship, so that steps can be taken to fix the problem. She helps unblock communication gaps and expose emotional stumbling blocks in close relationships to create greater personal fulfillment and intimacy.

Clinical Psychologist